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Y4E Booking Change / Cancellation & Refund Policy

We at Y4E sincerely put in our efforts to ensure that you get the best of value from our services. However under unforeseen circumstances, either from the client or from Y4E, if a situation arises which needs to re-schedule / cancel a consultation / cosmetic procedure, our policy for refund shall be as follows:

For any free service – Being free, of course, there is nothing to be given as refund. However, we would really love to hear your feedback regarding the availed services which will help us improve our services.

For Online Consultation – Based on the information that you share with us using the online facility, we shall send you a personalized report within 3 working days post receiving your payment and the complete set of required information. If we fail to do so, you may raise a complaint via e-mail to support@youngforeverclinic.com mentioning your grievance. Once we receive this email, we shall do our best to deliver the report within the shortest possible time - a breather, just in case there was a technical hitch, or we missed your request. However, if we are still unable to provide the report within the next 3 working days of receipt of your email, you may claim a full refund of the consulting fee by emailing to support@youngforeverclinic.com. This refund claim email should include the reason for your refund demand. And please make sure that this request is made within 14 days from the date/time of you completing the payment and providing the complete set of required information.

For Cosmetic Procedures booked at our clinics – In case Y4E has any inconvenience in conducting the procedure on the date/time you booked online, we shall contact you via e-mail / phone and revise the schedule to a mutually convenient date/time within 2 months of the originally booked date. If a mutually convenient date/time cannot be arrived at in this period, you may claim a full refund of the amount you paid for the procedure.

If you choose to cancel an online booked procedure, you may request for the same using the provided Procedure Cancellation/Re-scheduling form (Link to this form is available towards the bottom of the Cosmetic Procedures page) in the Y4E website. If you request to cancel 14 days prior to the scheduled procedure date, you are entitled to a full refund of the paid amount. For cancellation requests done after this period, we shall deduct a cancellation fee of 15% of the procedure amount.

If you choose to re-schedule an online booked procedure, you may request for the same using the provided Procedure Cancellation/Re-scheduling form in the Y4E website. You are entitled to a free one-time re-scheduling of your booked procedure which must be requested 7 days prior to the scheduled procedure date. For re-scheduling requests that are made outside the aforementioned parameters, we shall additionally charge you a re-scheduling fee of 10% of the procedure amount. The re-scheduling shall be confirmed by Y4E staff after you make the payment of the additional charge, if applicable.

Some common rules

No refund requests shall be entertained once a procedure is completed or if you miss your booked appointment.

All your refund related e-mail communication should be from your Y4E registered E-mail ID and the subject must be of the format “Refund for CIC-XXXXX” where you must replace XXXXX with your Client Identification Code (CIC). Your CIC is provided to you by Y4E along with the “Free Skin Assessment” report email.

All duly made refund request shall be processed and the refund amount can be expected to be credited back to your account within 45 days of us sending you an approval/acceptance e-mail regarding your refund request.