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PRP for hand and neck rejuvenation

When a person ages, one of the most obvious trouble spot is the neck and the hand. While patients tend to focus their anti-ageing signs on the face, they can find that the neck and hand area is left out, showing greater signs of ageing. Ageing hands and neck with thinning skin and wrinkles are due to the skin’s loss of ability to renew once plentiful collagen and elastin.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Treatment is a new cosmetic therapy that helps to restore the look and feel of young hands and neck. Using the patient’s own blood, obtained as easily as blood for a lab test, concentrated platelets containing growth factors are isolated from the blood and reinjected into the problem areas.

Results can be seen after several weeks when the injected PRP begin to produce collagen to regenerate the skin. Improving over several months, skin looks firmer and thicker for smooth, younger looking hands and neck.