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About Y4E

An average person who seeks aesthetic medical treatment is a healthy consumer. His or her sole aim is to improve one’s appearance. We are treating healthy people subjecting them to some procedures in order to make them look better. So here comes the importance of safe practice which carries low risk for whomever seeking our service.

Rise in consumer incomes and changing lifestyles are driving the global beauty industry. Consumers electing for aesthetic treatments are paying their hard earned income for improving their looks. Misinformation and media hype can lead consumer patients to make poor decisions from unrealistic expectations and under estimate the medical risks. As practitioners of aesthetic medicine, we owe our duty to react to consumer patients responsibly and ethically.

We have Dr Vimi Ponnamparambath with us who possesses almost a decade of experience and expertise in the field of skin care and dermatology,. A member of both DASIL (Dermatologic Aesthetic Surgery International League) and ACCMA (American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association), Dr. Vimi specialises in Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine. She is also a certified provider of Vampire Facelift and her name is mentioned in the International member’s directory of Vampire facelift providers.

A native of Calicut, Kerala, India, she graduated from Calicut Medical College and attained her MD in Dermatology from Trivandrum Medical College. Post this; she has served as a Consultant Dermatologist and Dermato-Cosmetologist with some of the most prestigious medical institutions across India. In 2009, she shifted base to Dubai, and ever since, Dr Vimi has been treating patients in various polyclinics and hospitals as a dermatology specialist. During the tenure of her practice in Dubai she has managed to gain immense knowledge and experience, treating skins of patients belonging to different nationalities and ethnicities.

Skin care regimen and anti-ageing advice differs across ethnicities and a right guideline for particular ethnicities is very important to keep the skin healthy and young. Early ageing of skin can really take its toll on a person’s self-confidence, especially in a culture that promotes young and youthful appearance. Much of our self confidence depends on how we look and how we think others perceive us. As we notice signs of ageing, it doesn’t just affect our physical selves, but also causes terrible stress to our emotional and mental balance, bringing a double blow to our self-confidence. Dr Vimi helps you understand these problems and take care of them, bringing youth and glow back to your life. A doctor with a human touch, she believes in bringing a smile to the face of every patient who comes to her.