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Know Your Skin

Worrying about skin problems is an ordeal that every individual goes through. We wonder when our skin will start ageing, about those wrinkles and lines, patches, and uneven tone. Most of the time, we try out different products and hope for results. But this doesn’t give us satisfaction.

The first step to taking care of your skin is to know your skin type. This would help us choose the right lifestyle and habits for proper maintenance and care of skin. It will also help us choose the product that will soothe our skin and avoid ones that are potentially dangerous.

Though consistency and choosing products are vital to having a great skin, everything needs to start by feeling and knowing what is best for your skin. And then spending your time, money and hope on the right resources and procedures.

If you have a normal skin, not much needs to change about the way you are treating your skin and body. But if you have a sensitive skin type, your skincare regime needs to be robust, in order to prevent major skin problems that could happen in the future.

If you would like to know your skin type, you may please take our Free Skin Assessment below.

Free Skin Assessment - So here we go! Ready, Steady, Skin type!

Our Free Skin Assessment consists of a questionnaire covering questions related to your skin.

To take the assessment, you need to provide your email id.

On completion of the questionnaire, the report will be emailed to you along with your CIC (Client Identification Code).

Your identity in our website is the combination of your E-mail Id and CIC.

Request you to keep your E-mail Id and CIC info handy while using various interactive features of our website.

  • Please answer the questions as accurately as you can
  • All questions refer to how your skin is in its current state unless specifically asked
  • If at any point you are unsure of the answer, please notice your skin for a day or two and derive conclusions before choosing an option.

Remember, your skin is counting on your choices.

Kindly provide your Email Id.