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Cosmetic Procedures

Welcome to our Procedure Booking section

Using this facility, you may book for procedures at our various clinics as per your convenient date/time and our doctor's availability.

Before Booking a Procedure, you need to complete our Procedure Questionnaire. Please follow these instructions:

If you have completed our Free Skin Assessment / taken our Online Consultation / booked for a Cosmetic Procedure before, please provide your E-mail ID and CIC (Client Identification Code) and click Next.

  Provide the same email id you used before
  Your CIC can be found in the email we have sent you

If you are new to the website or have not completed any of our questionnaires, please provide your E-mail ID below and click Next.

Kindly provide your Email Id.

If you have already booked a procedure with us and need to modify it, please click here.