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Chemical Peeling (Dermamelan)

Chemical Peeling (Dermamelan)

Dermamelan is a highly effective treatment designed to reduce discoloration and provide a smooth, even appearance to the skin.

Pigmentary system is modified by ageing process and uneven skin tone is one of the major changes associated with ageing. With air pollution and sun exposure, skin constantly suffers from external stress, which leads to an uneven complexion, dark spots and a dull looking skin. Dermamelan hence functions as good anti-ageing treatment.

Benefits of Dermamelan Depigmentation treatment

Dark blemishes, spots or discoloration are a major skin problems faced by men and women equally these days. These spots are caused by overexposure to sun, excessive pigmentation and the imperfections due to melanin. Dermamelan depigmentation helps to remove these skin blemishes and give you a clear looking skin.

Are there side effects?

The most common side effect that you may experience is peeling or flaking of the skin, skin tightening and redness of face for about two to three days after the dermamelan treatment.

Is there any age limit for this procedure?

No, there is no age limit for the dermamelan treatment. Any person above the age of eighteen can undergo the treatment.

Is it painful?

No, dermamelan depigmentation is a painless treatment.

How long does it take?

It will take half an hour to apply the face mask. You will have to retain the face mask for eight to twelve hours depending upon your skin type.

Are there any complications?

Dermamelan depigmentation is extremely safe as the active ingredients include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, soothing agents like Aloe Vera etc. and any complications are rare. The cream does not have any ingredients that will damage the skin like steroids or hydroquinone.

Precautions before proceeding with Dermamelan

During your consultation you should inform your doctor if you have received any previous skin treatment, or any medicated creams you use on your face. It is essential to stop any treatment or creams a week prior to your Dermamelan treatment.

Dermamelan treatment should not be taken during pregnancy or if you are suffering from severe cystic acne.

The Dermamelan Depigmentation treatment initiated at the clinic must be continued at home, on a daily basis, according to the guidelines indicated. The treatment must not be interrupted under any circumstances, during the whole time prescribed. It is completely forbidden to combine the Dermamelan Depigmentation treatment with other depigmentation treatments, as the appearance of undesired effects cannot be guaranteed.

How many treatments will I need?

The face mask is generally applied only once; however for patients with significant pigmentation, a second mask can be applied 2 weeks after the initial treatment. The home application of Dermamelan maintenance cream will continue for several months as advised.

When will I see a result?

Depending on the severity of your pigmentation, you will begin to see an improvement after 2-8 weeks. You will be advised on how to use the ‘home-care’ products and for how long to prevent the pigmentation from recurring. The daily use of a moisturising sunscreen is essential.